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Announcing Sage Soul Retreat Center!

We did a thing this year!  Our amazing Kak (singer, chef extraordinaire, yogi, sailor, world traveler and much more) whom I call "the most interesting woman in the world" decided that she needed and wanted to give us the opportunity to serve more people by selling us 40 acres outside of Zion to use as our retreat center.

This is such an amazing next step in the evolution of our work in service to helping people heal and grow into their best selves.

This property is currently completely off the grid and has such potential as an oasis to host people who want to detatch from their current busy lives and to connect to nature.

We intend to start with offerings for Vision Quests, Breathwork and Cold Plunge, Men's Nature Immersion Retreats and private small retreats.

Dates will be announced for the additional retreats shortly.  For Vision Quests and private sessions, set up a discovery call to get on the calendar as dates are already filling up!

One of the views from Sage Soul

The property is a wonderful combination of a quiet woods and sweeping views.


Sit Around The Fire

As Ram Dass said, "All we're going to do for eternity is sit around the fire."  This photo doesn't do it justice but this is a large round for us to have Fire Ceremony, Sit and Talk, Integrate and just be.


Sacred Sanctuary

With more structures to come, we already have one sacred sanctuary for staying one or multiple nights.  We plan on building more structures that will include large canvas tents (think glamping), teepees, and other similar huts to this one.


Vision Quests

Vision Quests are one of the age old rites of passage for those seeking answers, growth, and development into one's true purpose and mission.  With 40 acres of space it is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the relationship with mother nature for multiple days.

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