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Retreat Experiences For 2022

Beautiful places and immersive transformation

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Women's Retreat
April 29-May 1, 2022

Under the stars in southern Utah, enjoy a one of a kind retreat with fellow sisters. Deepen your connection to nature and take the time to explore your mission and purpose. Nurture your spirit and body with healthy food, enriching activities and a breakthrough experience.

Oaxaca, Mexico
June 26 - July 5, 2022

There is something so special about Mexico. There is an energy there unlike anywhere else. Come and immerse  yourself in the vibrant culture of Oaxaca. Spend 4 days grounding in the historical city of  Oaxaca. Enjoy the food,  buildings, and the craftwork. Explore the incredible ruins of Monte Álban, the largest city in the Mayan culture in historic Oaxaca. On day 4 we head up into the breathtaking mountains of San Jose del Pacifico, where we will spend time in preparation for an incredible breakthrough experience with plant medicine. It is a one of a kind retreat!

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Costa Rica
September 15-20, 2022

Experience deep healing and inner transformation via sacred plant medicine ceremony, nature immersion and other mystical modalities on this 5 night, 6 day retreat in tropical paradise. If you are seeking deep mystical experiences and life elevation this is the retreat for you.

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Fall Retreat
September  22-25, 2022

Experience a new paradigm shift, sense of peace and well being through intense self care, nature immersion, sacred ceremony, whole, nourishing foods and other healing modalities on this 3 day, 2 night retreat in the beauty of southern Utah. Schedule a consultation below for details on how to register!

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