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Oaxaca Retreats

Join me for a one of a kind experience in the heartland of Maria Sabina.   Immerse yourself in the culture and learn and experience traditional curandismo methods.

This is a small group experience and sells out quickly!  We will have a maximum of 10 people total in the group including the facilitators.

Here is what we will experience:

Day 1:

Rest and Ground

Explore the heart of Oaxaca and enjoy a delicious meal with the group.

Day 2

Monte Albán

We will experience the historic site of Monte Albán.  This incredible archeological site considered the Zapotec capital will teach us some of the history it holds as well as the treasure that was found there. 

Day 3

Traditional Cooking Class

Oaxaca is famous for its 7 moles, you will be able to taste them all and learn to differentiate the textures, aromas and flavors; 


You will get to be involved in all the processes so that you know the cultural meaning of each item we cook.   We will learn to make tortillas by hand and put them on the comal for our meal.


After all of the preparing is finished, we will eat together!  It is one of the favorite activities of the trip!

Day 4

Travel to the mountains of San Jose De Pacifico

On Day 4 we will travel up to the mountains of San Jose De Pacifico.  A stunning region in Mexico known for the history of medicine ceremonies.

You will have time to rest, explore and hike and visit the quaint town for shopping and meals.

Day 5

We will begin with our opening circle with our Medicine Family.  The Curandera will perform a diagnostic and we will have time for reflection and meditation. 

Day 6

We will have a full day of connection with spirit.  From spirit animals, to clay work, ecstatic dance and ending with a deep internal journey with the Temescal, it will be a day to remember.

Day 7

The highlight of the experience we will have a sacred ceremony in nature.  The Curandera, Curandero and their family will provide incredible support.

Day 8

Integration: Rest and Ground

Time for rest, nature immersion and inner focus.

Day 9 Return Travel

This retreat is for you if:

  • You desire more connection in your life

  • You want to search for meaning and purpose

  • You have healing you are searching for

  • You wish to immerse yourself in a vibrant and beautiful culture

  • You enjoy traveling and seeing and experiencing new things

  • You believe that a medicine experience could help you

Choose from two 2023 dates:
June 25-July 4
October 22-29
Enrollment: $2,995
Includes room,
most meals, and all experiences

Book a Discovery Call Today to Enroll!

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