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Meet Shelley


Transformation and Microdose Coach

Do you have a nagging feeling that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing? We so often get caught up in the routine of life and somehow find that time goes by but life doesn’t look anything like we thought it would. But it is never too late to pivot and create the life you truly feel called to live.

Having the support of a coach can make all the difference. Having someone in your corner helps to nurture your dreams and find clarity on your future.  

Together we will explore the dreams and goals you’ve pushed aside or that keep coming up to map out an action plan that will be the roadmap of the life you design and deliberately choose.

Tropical Leaves

What I Specialize In

High Performance Coaching

Vision Quests

Sacred Ceremony

Relationship Ramp Up

Personalized Microdose Plan


Join our next course:

Beyond Microdosing

How to integrate Microdosing into creating the life you dream of.

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Care and Love. Begin Today!

“Having Shelley as my coach has given me such peace. I've learned so much and I feel like I'm finally on the path I was meant to live.”

- Laura C.

“Shelley is a light that shines exactly where I need the focus. I am so grateful to be working with her.”

- Debbie G.

“The couples experience is the best program we ever enrolled in. Highly recommend her class.”

- Pam & Bill T.

The Transformation Feed

Mountain Cliff Hiker

Custom High Performance Coaching

For the entrepreneur, the executive, and the creative looking to push outside the normal limits creating the extraordinary life and mission.

Enjoying Outdoor

Microdosing Coaching

For anyone wanting to learn about the practice of microdosing and integration into every day practices to expand and grow in well-being and optimal life satisfaction.

Relationship Revolution

An immersive 12 week program for couples who want to grow closer and be grounded in their heart space.

Loving Couple

Rite of Passage

Custom ceremonies specific to  your special moments and age transitions.

Blowing Confetti

Retreat Experiences

Exclusive small group retreats in beautiful places.


Nature Immersion

Time connecting with nature and rebalancing for centeredness.

Coming Soon!
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